Monday, September 3, 2012

Kiddy cards!

Thought I should also share what I crafted with the kids over 2 weeknights. These are 10 teachers' day cards made mainly by Shawn. Dylan contributed a little finger print to each of the cards. I did help, by cutting the washi tapes and pasting them onto the card. The stamps and inks that we used were kids friendly from Melissa & Doug. #1 insisted of "MIXING", seriously I would have fainted if these were done with my precious ink pads! :) Then I asked both the kids to finger print with their index fingers on all the cards. Originally I wanted them to print wings too, to make them into butterflies. Well, Dylan had no patience and Shawn insisted of making it crittery image. I lifted this idea from Ed Emberley. Added the outline with my black Sharpie. Thought the alphas are all over the place, but I thought they still look cute and unique (of course!) Hope the teachers would like the cards!