Sunday, May 29, 2011

Maya Road Warehouse Sales box is on the way!

Got an email in my mailbox that the Warehouse Spring Sales box is ON THE WAY! Yay!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Paper craze!

I went to the Paper Market & NBC today. Paper Market sells mainly scrapbook stuff while NBC had more stationery. And there was sales - just in time for me to get the crafty very basics supplies (glue, scissors and a mat). In addition I bought these scrapbooking stuff :

25May11 - Shawn @ 2

This was something which I had done based on the sketch from Let's Scrap community. I took out some old photos which were printed last year and started off by selecting to make part of the sketch. Since I'm under-equipped without much choices of papers, I decided to take out the magazines again for inspiration.

Raw stuff :
  • Words cutouts from Beautiful Home magazine
  • Same range of paper from the day before Paperworks Fall
  • Small piece of drawing paper with lots of crayon layers/colors, crumpled and layered again


24May11 - The 1st Home medley

Couldn't get more crafty ideas, so this was the best I could do for the 1st project in about 1hr or so. Ended up in a pretty confused concept (well, partly because I couldn't plan for the outcome!)

Raw stuff :
  • Ikea Ribba photo frame
  • Mosaic Vellum and patterned paper from Paperworks Fall collection
  • The word "Home" - cutouts of fabric prints from Beautiful Home magazine
  • Black construction paper

The calling….

I was recently being being bitten by the scrap-bug, inspired by some sites to craft and scrapbook. So I decided to start this to blog down I had been doing and planning to do to keep my hands and brains busy (apart from minding the boys).  So these took place over the past few days :
■24May Tues I dug up boxed up old scrapbooking paper that I bought 6yrs ago, nothing much really. Joined Let’s scrap community. Did one simple collage of dugups and cutouts from magazine in an hour or so.
■25May Wed Took the deal which apparently would have saved up to 64% of the retail price. But these are old stash, but who cares! Did the Let’s scrap community weekly sketch ensemble and submitted online
■26May Thrus Found out Little Yellow Bargains, started adding things into the cart, have not checked out 
■27May Fri Just surfing for ideas, reading up. Decided to create this blog for my creations!
And endless of bookmarking pages, blogs and companies sites for ideas!