Friday, September 7, 2012

Kiddy cards part II

Ok, from some quite dull plain cards, we boosted the cards with kiddy seals/stickers and tada, something more wacky and bright! And just to show what we had assembled on the front of the card. The gifts this year - 10 teachers would get little bottle of shower foam and a card each; and 6 lucky ones as selected by #1, would get the special limited edition altered clipboard with drawing (comes with a card each too!) All mommie did was cut the paper for him to draw/color and momie outlined the bugs and tape them onto clipboards from Daiso.  I am proud of what he drew... and nope he has NEVER seen any Tim Holtz buggy stamps.


  1. Oh wow! These are sooooooo cute! :)
    Happy weekend Michelle!

    P/s: Thanks for your sweet comment about my dog. :)

  2. These cards are adorable. The teachers will love them!