Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kinda sorted

We recently renovated the study room - from an Ikea furnished room to a new built-in cabinets. Prior to this, my stuff were mainly in the storeroom . So here are some when laid out on the floor while I was sorting out the things. All 3 boxes were punches, washi tapes and some knick knacks, still end up in the storeroom for the time being.

I took time to sort out my bags and boxes of things. One of the black file folders holds Unity stamps, while the other one is empty for the time being. Most acrylic stamps are housed in one of the rectangular boxes. While other bigger packet of stamps are lying some where in another shelf, unsorted. wooaaaa ... there ARE still lots to do to organise and further sort!


  1. did i just spot a Fiskar Trimmer?

    1. Thanks for dropping by Wai Sam! Fiskar trimmer :)