Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My 1st Pompom & Freestyle cut felt flower

I'm not a flower power kind of person and neither am I a very pink person. Just to challenge myself some new techniques this week :
1. Choose a pink twine to make a pompom. And I used Pink Sorbet from The Twinery. I probably didn't do enough rounds to make it really fluffy. So it does looked kind of butchered.

2. I googled some felt flowers tutorials and chanced upon a rolled fabric tutorial from My Blonde Ambitions. I used a square felt piece from thrift shop and freestyle cut with no measurement ... whopped out my Beacon glue and started to glue the felt (and my fingers along the way). Here is the final product of the night. I guess pros could have taken less than 10min to do this whole pompom + flower thing. I took more than 20mins to do so.

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