Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend crafts

I'm pretty happy with what was done over the weekend with these crafts. Here's to share :
Inspired by
1. I made some tags inspired by Vicki on Scrapbook and Cards Today. Just armed with a pair of scissors and glue stick I did this and cleared the mini pieces of my stash in 1.5hrs.


2. Labels for #1 birthday party and also made from scraps, punched 1.75" circles, stamped 3 stamps and kids helped to stick them with washi tapes onto the birthday goodie bags.


3. This is Muji kraft wrapping paper and some kiddy stamps which I got locally. Both the boys helped me out 90% of the drawing block size paper was covered and I filled in the blanks after they are done. And yup that's 20minutes of no-TV time and the boys had fun!

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